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Negative Insight #1 w/ Varukers "Blood Money" 7" EP - SOLD OUT

**UNDELIVERED DISTRIBUTOR STOCK. These were sent to a South American distributor, but the postal service refused delivery of them twice, so they've been returned. To help said distributor recoup some of his postage losses, they are being sold at a higher price. Limited copies available.**

Debut issue exploring the incestuous and overlapping histories of The Varukers and Sacrilege, it features interviews with both plus Disaster as well as previously unpublished photos, a Concrete Sox photo feature, highlights of some under appreciated UKHC records, politics, and Cold War propaganda. The issue comes professionally printed and is full sized, black and white and cut 'n paste with typewriter text.

The 7" included compiles three overlooked Varukers songs recorded in 1984 by what would become three-fourths of the Sacrilege line up on the "Behind The Realms Of Madness" LP. Originally appearing on the hard to find "We Don't Need Nuclear Force" LP+7" compilation on Mülleimer Records, these studio tracks have a raw and primitive metallic sound to them that continued to push what had been laid down previously on the "Led To The Slaughter" 7" and "Another Religion Another War" 12" while showing hints of the early Sacrilege sound and what was to come.

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