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Raising Hell #16

"Fookin hell, if I could only choose one zine that epitomises it all, it would be Raising Hell - pure gold. Over 20 issues and with a print run of over 2000 (stapling sessions at sillyville) and sold / traded out of plastic bags at gigs and picnics around the world. Hell, there were even songs written about Sik o War being 'god'. Totally DIY, punk as fuck and essential to the Leeds and beyond of the late 80's." -Sned/Flat Earth Records

Stock copies of the excellent Raising Hell zine. Imported from England.

"Special Shit on a Tory Issue" with Heibel, Kina, False Prophets, Deviated Instinct, and pieces with letters, opinions, reviews and carrots, potatoes, onions and cabbage. Great.