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V/A "Be Bad, Be Glad" compilation tape

Musical Tragedies Records

Originally released by Lethal Dose Tapes in 1985, this Bristol, England hardcore compilation features four of the most prominent hardcore bands to exist in the city at that time. I believe there's a couple of alt takes and unreleased tracks on here, but most are previously released from other releases and compiled here to make a nice sampler. The Disorder tracks are taken from the original 1980 demo and also rough mixes from the "Mental Disorder" EP according to the insert. I don't believe any rough mixes from that session were released anywhere else, but i'm not totally sure on that. The Chaos UK songs come from various releases. The insert has some misinformation on it, and the song that is listed as "Sea of Dreams" is actually "City Of Dreams" from the "Just Mere Slaves" 12". It's four songs total from four different releases. The Lunatic Fringe material features songs from various demos, the "Who's In Control" EP, and it lists the final song, "The Enemy Within," as being an unreleased track from November of 1984. I think this is the first appearance of this song, but it was bootlegged on a 7" in 2000. A rarity either way. Lastly, the Amebix tracks come from a June 1982 practice session and live in Leeds on September 11, 1985. I do not know if any of these versions were ever released anywhere else. All in all this is a very nice tape with a lot of rare versions of songs, alt takes, and live tracks. Comes with a original pro-printed covers, blue ink printed original tape labels, and a cool photocopied insert drawn by Tim Medlock (AKA 'Ten Gallon Tim') who did the artwork for Disorder's "Under The Scalpel Blade" and "Violent World" LPs as well as a lot of the art for Be Bad, Be Glad zine. A cool release.