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Voorhees "What You See Is What You Get" 7"

Crust Records
The Voorhees were a raging hardcore outfit from England heavily influenced by Boston hardcore (Negative FX, DYS), Negative Approach, SOA, and other early '80s USHC acts. Originally started by ex-members of late '80s/early '90s U.K. hardcore bands Steadfast and False Face, the Voorhees (named after Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th movies) proved to be one of the most popular hardcore bands of the 1990s decade.

This EP was recorded in January of 1995 by the same line up that recorded their highly regarded "Spilling Blood Without Reason" LP from 1994. This lineup is often considered the strongest Voorhees one, as it was backed by 15 year old pounder Michael Gillham on drums with Ian Leck (the only consistent member of the band's history) on vocals, among others.

This release contains eight songs total, recorded at Pots And Pans, Bradford, and includes covers of the Crucifucks and Macdonald's. The A side tracks were originally released on split 7" with Stalingrad in 1995, but this 7" contains the full recording session. Musically, it is absolutely pummeling hardcore not too different from their influences or Fit For Abuse, Ripcord, or Out Cold (who they later did a split with).

The Voorhees had many releases in their history, and I don't think the later ones are quite as strong, as shifting lineups probably played a role in that. But this EP is absolutely raging, and I strongly recommend it.

As an aside, check out the photo of the review of the Voorhees "Violent..." EP from 666 ½ zine number 10 in 1993. "If Heresy had been good they would have sounded like these" guys. You gotta love it.