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Dead Kennedys ‎"Nazi Punks Fuck Off!" b/w "Moral Majority" 7"

Subterranean Records/Alternative Tentacles
There's been so much documentation and words written about the Dead Kennedys and Jello Biafra, there's little that could possibly be added.

This two song EP released in 1981 features one of the most iconic hardcore songs ever written in "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!" If you're not the biggest DKs fan, and I'm certainly not either, this song is still a hit. It was an anthem for a generation of punks battling against increasing violence, right wing attitudes, and idiocy that was flocking to the punk scene at the time. What had started out as a movement of progressive politics and outsider artists was becoming filled with thuggish elements and the violent encounters at LA and San Francisco shows was escalating. This song was penned as a reaction to that, and the chorus served as a decisive line in the sand.

The B-side was a stand against Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority, a conservative Christian group formed in the late 1970s that had significant national political influence in the early 1980s. The group was focused on turning the country backward with fundamental Christian values against homosexuality, women's rights and much more. The Moral Majority were having success in promoting their nefarious agenda through their political influence. Like the A-side of this record, "Moral Majority" served as an outspoken reaction to the Christian Right. The song maybe short, but it's also a fantastic hardcore tune.

While politics in punk aren't that common these days, this record represents a time when lyrics like these were needed to tackle the fucked up values, organizations, and institutions of the day. Credit to the DKs for having the guts to take them on directly in an era when doing so wasn't safe or couldn't be done anonymously behind a computer or phone.

This 7" still comes with the Nazi Punks Fuck Off! armband that's always accompanied the release. A classic record still in print.

"The Slab 4 check in with this vintage, hot, provocative and ragin' no-nonsense hardcore blast from 1981. Continuously in print since then, this still includes the original anti-Nazi armband." -Subterranean Records